Seeking Guest Bloggers!

We are seeking  guest blog posts for our Engaged Citizen blog. This is a great opportunity to showcase your work, research, events, or insights on current issues. We are looking for posts relevant to higher education community engagement in Iowa. See below for further guidelines.

  • Write 5 paragraphs (about 400 words). This is the suggested amount. We believe this length will be enough to communicate your story without being too long for the reader.
  • Use links generously. Linking to other websites will allow the reader to read on beyond your post and it will boost your credibility. As a professional, these sites will stand as your sources.
  • Write in the first-person. This will allow you to put your voice into your story. Sometimes service is about the emotions involved. Writing in first-person allows you to convey those emotions.
  • Attach a photo of yourself or your service project. A graphic will complement your post and give the reader a way to visualize you, the writer.
  • Also attach a short description of yourself up to 2 sentences. This petite biography will give the reader some more context of who you are as a professional.

Check out some of our past posts for ideas and contact Emily Shields if you are interested in posting.

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