Connect From Your Desk This Fall

August 30, 2018

Too busy for conferences, meetings, and networking? We have your answer with our Fall 2018 virtual learning line-up.

The 2018-2019 webinar series takes the great and varied work happening on the ground around the country and brings it straight to your desk. Topics touch on issues of relevance to faculty, staff, students, and their partners in education and community building. Be sure to tune in to each session for information, tools, and resources to support and inspire you.

First up are two great University of Northern Iowa faculty members: University Junctions: Connecting writing and service-learning across campus. Learn to connect writing and service-learning to achieve existing course goals like research, field-specific writing, and reflection in a way that will not bury you in a pile of grading. Presenters will discuss writing across the disciplines and encourage anyone interested in incorporating more writing assignments into their service-learning courses to join.

See the rest of the series.

Also, this fall is a series of more informal learning and networking opportunities with colleagues in the Midwest.  Peer Learning Video Conferences offer a chance to connect with community engagement leaders in similar organizations and contexts. This can include faculty, staff, or other leaders. Facilitated sessions will last for 90 minutes and offer the chance to share your challenges and questions to get new ideas, resources, and collaborations. 

Sessions this fall will focus on private colleges and universities, public universities, community and technical colleges, urban colleges and universities, and rural colleges and universities.

See you online!