2018 Top Eight

January 2, 2018

It’s 2018 and we can’t wait to make great things happen. Here are the top eight things we are looking forward to!

1. Network Retreats

Every fall and spring we have a drive-in retreat for staff, faculty and others leading community engagement on their campus. It’s great learning (and a lot of fun). Register to join us February 15th!

2. Awarding Awards

Every year, the best part of our job is recognizing the great work happening across the state. Now’s the time to get your nominations in for Newman Civic Fellows and the Engaged Campus Awards!

3. Meeting Virtually

Isn’t technology great? We love being able to see colleagues and have great conversations even when we aren’t together. Have an idea for one of our spring virtual meeting topics? Email Emily Shields. Also, check out our events list for upcoming webinars.

4. Summer

When it’s as cold as this, all we’re thinking about is warm days and great internships, right? We can’t wait for our Tyson Summer Interns and Summer VISTA Community Corps members to get started in June!

5. National Conference

This year we’re all heading to beautiful Indianapolis in March for the National Campus Compact Conference. We’ll be presenting and trying to choose among all the great sessions. There’s still time to register!

6. Great Stories

Last year we had more success than ever promoting the great work of our members, including this story on commitment to place. We’re on the hunt for great story ideas again this year!

7. Faculty Development

It doesn’t sound that exciting, but this spring we are hosting four Engaged Faculty Institutes across the state and looking for another group of Research Fellows.

8. Dialogue

Who doesn’t love to talk? We want to help everyone get better at it, especially across difference and will have some exciting announcements on this very soon!

What are you excited for? Share it with us on @IACampusCompact on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.