AmeriCorps Supervisor Resources


Contact Monique (mellefson {at} compact(.)org) with questions.

Program Deadlines

Member Deadlines

  • Narrative Reports
    • FT/HT – bimonthly
    • MT – semesterly (December, April, July)
  • Mid-Term Evaluations (FT/HT only) – Due March-May, depending on start date
  • End-of-Term Evaluations (all) – Due at least 3 weeks before a member is exited

OnCorps Login

​1. Go to
2. Select 2020-2021
3. Locate Campus Compact AmeriCorps Program on the left hand side, and select Site Supervisor under it.
4. Enter Username and Password

Updating your profile/changing your password

1. Click on “View/edit profile” in the upper right



  1. Update your password and verify it.
  2. Click Save.

Approve timesheets

  1. Click on Time Tracking
  2. Select Member Service Hours
  3. Select Approve Member Timesheets



  1. To approve a timesheet, click on the Approve button for that timesheet and you will be taken directly to the timesheet for review and approval or rejection.

Reject timesheets

  1. Select “Reject”
  2. Rejecting an approved timesheet will notify the member that the timesheet was rejected and allow them to revise the timesheet before they resubmit it to their supervisor(s) for approval.

In preparation for the academic year’s winter break and the winter holidays in general, the CCA team wanted to help supervisors prepare their members for what to do and not to do. Since this winter break may be extended (2 months!) it’s extremely important that we stay on top of our members’ hours.

Hour Planning

  • Look ahead at your members’ hours and projects, plan it out with them
  • Be sure to account for holidays and any “make-up” time they may need to have
  • Use a planning document (like this template)

Timekeeping Policies

  • To remain active in the program, members must log at least one hour during each timesheet
  • Members should have no more than 2 missing timesheets (i.e. not submitted on time); 3 missing timesheets can result in immediate dismissal from the program
  • Only count hours for service activities outlined in their Position Description
  • Hours served on Holidays (i.e. Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day) are allowed but will require additional documentation of 1) what activities the member performed those days, and 2) why they were necessary

Training/Engagement Opportunities

Progress Reports for the 2020-2021 Campus Compact AmeriCorps grant year will be due on Friday, June 25, 2021.