Are you a civic-minded professional?

To understand the civic mission of higher education, it’s important to consider the goals. One goal is graduating students who can successful contribute in the workforce and in their communities. These are civic-minded professionals.

The term has been used by researchers at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis who created a scale to measure what they define as:

A civic-minded professional is one who is skillfully trained through formal education with the ethical disposition as a social trustee of knowledge, and the capacity to work with others in a democratic way to achieve public goods.

At Iowa Campus Compact, we define it as having the core skills for career and community success. These skills including critical thinking, problem-solving, communications, cultural competence, empathy, team work, and application of knowledge. Research shows these skills can be built through quality community experiences like service-learning courses, volunteer projects, and community-based research, so the civic-minded professional has had experience that proves and tests their skills.

Are you a civic-minded professional?

We are looking to tell the story of the civic-minded professionals educated by our member institutions and we need your help!

  • Take the quiz! Are you a civic-minded professional quiz for a fun take on this concept and share it with friends and colleagues.
  • Read profiles. We have talked to some great Iowa alumni and community members about their education and community experiences and what makes them a civic-minded professional.
  • Share your story. What does being a civic-minded professional mean to you? What experiences helped you build skills? We want to hear from you.

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