Civic-Minded Professional: Taylor Kinn

Taylor Kinn(1)Taylor Kinn arrived at Cornell College to start her freshman year just weeks after devastating floods hit Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities. She immediately got involved and continued to find community experiences through her first-year living and learning community, “Connect Floor,” and as co-founder of a chapter of Colleges Against Cancer/Relay For Life.

These opportunities not only gave Kinn the chance to pursue her passion for helping others. They’ve had tangible benefits as well, helping her build invaluable transferrable skills. These include organization, time management, event planning, conflict resolution, problem solving, management, fundraising, volunteer coordination, and attention to detail.

“I utilize these skills daily in my work,” said Kinn, who is now Assistant Director of Career Services at Lawrence University. “Additionally, my experiences allowed me to learn about the possibility to gain deeper understanding, compassion and connection to others through service and civic engagement.”  

Perhaps the more important thing Kinn has taken away from community experiences is how important lifelong learning is to personal and professional satisfaction and success.

“Regardless of what I am doing, I hope my outlook remains that we should all be lifelong learners, ever adapting and striving to know and do better for not only our own success but that of our communities.”

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